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Refund Current AOL Charges

If you have already paid for your current term of service, whether it is a month of AOL service, a quarter, a year or a multi-year term, we will be happy to refund a pro-rated amount of your money, with certain conditions applying and satisfied.

Since our service provides for UNLIMITED INTERNET ACCESS, though admittedly only unlimited by our own strictly defined AOL terms, please first establish how much internet you have used for the month.

If you have an account that allows you to download 100Mb per month, and you have downloaded only 5Mb for the month, you will be entitled to a 95% pro-rated refund on your money. If you have an unlimited account, we will also refund the pro-rate of that account.

Please bear in mind that if you do have an unlimited internet account, it is defined as any amount between zero and infinity. If you are on such a plan and have downloaded zero percent, that's still an immeasurable fraction of infinity, so no refund can be possible.

Since AOL only offers unlimited accounts, any attempt to collect on current charges just means that any user has used an immeasurable percentage of our service, therefore we must assume you used it entirely, and no refund can be offered.

If you still require additional help, please review one of the following AOL support links for further assistance.

If you haven't already requested disconnection of services, please do that first, and you will be returned to this page when you have completed the process. Disconnect my AOL service.

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If you have questions, concerns or comments, please check out our tutorials, Frequently Asked Questions, Help, Customer Service Chat, or Live Human Response pages.

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