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Help, I Can't Check My AOL Email Account

If you're having gaining access to your email, or accessing your email, then please read the following page of common tips before requesting live help.

1 Did you use your correct username and password? Please bear in mind these are case sensitive and must include the string of numbers in your email address.

2 If you need your password reset, please enter your username in this box and hit "reset". We will send your password to your AOL email account. Then just login to your email, retrieve the password, and use it to get in to your email.

3 If you can't get in to your email account, consider getting a new account instead. You may qualify for a free account (limited to 10 message maximum at a time in your inbox) or we will automatically bill your account an extra $24.99 per month for the new email address.

4 If you can't find your password, can't make it work, or don't have the financial ability to pay for the new account, you can just leave your old email account to die. Realistically, it's probably about 80-90% full of spam anyhow, so what are you really missing out on?

5 Have you tried rebooting, clearing your cache, clearing your cookies, and spelling correctly? Please try those now.

6 If you're still having trouble logging in, please confirm that you're using your AOL web interface program, which should be available from your start menu, desk top, quick launch icons, system tray and it should automatically boot when you start your computer. If any of these are missing, that may be the problem.

7 If you haven't clicked on enough AOL ad banners or signed up for enough AOL affiliate services, we may have deactivated your account intentionally. We can easily reinstate it, but you have to contact us directly by live chat or telephone.

If you still need help, please use one of our many contact pages to get whatever assistance you need. After all, at AOL, customers are one of our greatest resources. They're easily in the top ten resources we still have.

We "value" you as a customer, especially since you've authorized us to perpetual billing of your account, and we promise to take any measure necessary to keep you as a customer, even if that means your satisfaction.

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