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Get a Refund from AOL for AOL Service

We're glad you contacted us, but we're sad you're not happy with the value you've received in the wonderful service AOL strives so hard every day to bring to customers just like you, and even including you. Yes, you personally. When we say "you", we really do mean it!

We're sorry that you're unhappy with AOL, but there are many instances in which you can get a full refund of the unused portion of what you have paid for our myriad AOL services, which we dutifully rendered and didn't cancel on you without notice.

Please select the refund page that applies to your situation:

  • Refund Past Month's AOL Charge
  • Refund Current Month's AOL Charge
  • Refund Other AOL Services
  • AOL's Unconditional 100% Refund Guarantee™
  • If you haven't already requested disconnection of services, please do that first, and you will be returned to this page when you have completed the process. Disconnect my AOL service.

    If you have questions, concerns or comments, please check out our tutorials, Frequently Asked Questions, Help, Customer Service Chat, or Live Human Response pages.

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