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I Get Too Much Spam in My AOL Account

Now you are cooking with spamSpam is a common complaint with any email system, no matter what those evil geniuses over at Gmail might tell you. If you have received a Spam email or Junk email message, you don't have to stand for it. There are a few steps you can do to correct it and punish those spammers.

But first, consider that you might actually appreciate the letter you received, even if it was unwarranted, unrequested, unwelcome and unappreciated. Ask yourself, "Did I really give the letter a fair chance?" If you didn't read it all the way through and honestly ask yourself if you'd like that larger penis, millions from a deposed Nigerian prince or whether or not you'd actually enjoy and appreciate top name pharmaceuticals at discount prices, then you need to do that first.

Here's what you can do about Spam.

1 From your inbox or within the letter, just click "Report Spam", and we'll filter it out, though we won't actually do anything about it.

2 Once you've marked the message as Spam, you should forward it to with a detailed letter about why you wouldn't have requested it. If it's a breast enlargement lotion, and you're a man, you need to tell us exactly why we should believe that you wouldn't have wanted it. This must be included with your complaint, or we won't have any grounds to file our complaint on your behalf.

3 Buy the item they are selling, and then don't use it. What better way to slap them in the face then by being a customer, but a dissatisfied one at that!

4 Write back to the Spam letter, and tell them that you don't appreciate them sending you emails that you didn't request. List all of your friends (so they know they aren't among them) and warn them that you have made a note of them, and that you'll report them to the proper authorities if they ever send you another email.

5 Sign up for AOL Spam, a system dedicated to the modest reduction of unwanted email messages. This service is free for the first 30-days, so you'd be wise to sign up for it.

6 Stop posting your email address around the internet. It won't serve you any benefit in the long run, and spammers and their spam-bots employed to troll for your email addresses. You have to protect your email, because frankly, we are in no position to do it for you.

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