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Resistance is futile, prepare to be assimilated

Give in to AOLismDo you need an AOL CD/DVD Start up disk?

Do you have in your possession fewer than three-dozen AOL installation CD's or DVD's? These are the handsomely packaged discs for the start up, setup, installation and systemic re-encompassment of AOL all over your home or office computer... do you have them?

If not, you may have recently arrived on earth from a planet beyond our solar system, (as all of our solar system has already been exploited as an AOL startup disc repository.)

That's okay, AOL is for both humans and extra-terrestrial space aliens, whether peaceful, benign or bent on human obliteration. Man, Klingon, Borg, mineral, dolphin, and robots alike are all embraced by AOL... as long as we can verify valid billing information, of course, and so long as they are over the age of thirteen.

Surrender your hesitation and join today!

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