Why Is AOL Billing My Telephone?
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Why Is AOL Billing My Telephone?

First of all, you're welcome! AOL has made a Fortune-500 back office arrangement with most of the telecom companies around the country to make it easier than ever to keep your AOL service active.

In some cases we keep your service active by billing your credit card for years and years, but in other cases, we find that your credit card has expired, and we have to seek alternatives.

Unless you tell us you don't want your email account, profile, personal web space, investment account tracker, and all of the other many, wonderful services we offer, we can only assume that you wish to keep it.

So lucky for you, if your credit card becomes inactive or goes over the limit, we are happy to bill it irrevocably to your home telephone service.

Isn't that great?!?

Yes it is!

If you don't pay it, you'll lose your home phone service. If you do pay it, you'll still have to contact us to get your account service restored, but we havenít deleted anything!

Isn't that great?!?

Yes it is!

So that's why we're billing your home telephone. Your terms of service did approve this billing, and you may want to go back and read them in detail if you didn't realize it, so we have been authorized to do this.

If you wish to cancel home telephone billing for AOL service, we will be sad to see you go, but we have the grace and capacity to permit you the ability to discontinue your service. Please refer to the DISCONNECT SERVICE page to complete this profile adjustment.

Please realize that you can also specify a new telephone number for us to bill, and we will ask you for that repeatedly, so please have that handy.

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