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This sub-section of this sub-site is satire, and nothing more...

Who knows what a satire disclaimer really is, except for people who actually have a brain. If you found this disclaimer, odds are, you are among the vast majority who could pluck it out from reality to the actuality actually is our site-wide satire disclaimer. Come on, yo!, you all know this isn't real, right?

This site was originally launched as a satire thingy back in 2004 as a simple joke. We never knew search engines would find it so unbelievably, incredibly serious. If we had, our jokes would have been more wicked, right?

So don't take anything you see on these pages as real, because as sure as AOL sent you here without thinking it would be real, we don't mean it to be real either, right?

We drafted this page a couple years ago when we didn't have FTP access to the site, and only resurrected it for completion after we got slammed with (baseless, weak,) legal complaints from the law firm representing AOL. We're posting this for our own benefit, but also for the benefit of AOL. They think our spoof is too real and too believable, which tells us that our satire is hitting perfectly close to home, which was entirely our desire.

In conclusion, if you think this page is real, you need to wise up about the web. And if you also think AOL is in any way important to your web browsing life, then you really need to get real, check around, and get as far from those 90s vultures as possible. AOL lacks much relevance these days, and failing to understand that will hold you back in your online (and offline) life.

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