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Donation Page to "Kind of" AOL

AOL is not a "503c non profit" organization, and neither are the popriefors of this, a most elaborate April fool's day prank. Much like the real AOL, we're more of an "IB6/UB9 for-profit" group.

Nay, I'm just a dude with a dream and some wicked kind of grudge against all things Fortune-500. Well, all that and I've got a pack of hungry kids to support.

But you had to read a gaggle of other, far better pages to find this one, so don't pretend to be stuck-up. Just be a pal and kick me a humble ten spot. Not just a pal, but a PayPal

It's easy and I'm totally cool that way.

If you still want to pretend you can't spare the Hamilton, blog these pages, tell all your friends, let your local newspaper know how clever we are, and help as make national news headlines... you can't? Then clam your oyster hole and spot us ten bucks.

But seriously, the ten-spot is what it's going to take to keep me alive. That or a book deal, your call.

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