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How to Disconnect Your AOL Account

dancing like a fool with your money here at AOLIf you are looking to disconnect your AOL service, we will be more than happy to help you. Before you disconnect your service, however, we would like you to try just a few of the following troubleshot tips to see if we can correct your problems.

Please remember you can also use our help pages at any time.

Have you tried disconnecting your computer?
If you disconnect your computer from the wall, technically you're no longer connected to AOL. If that doesn't resolve your issues, please continue.

Have you tried unplugging your computer?
If you've already tried to unplug your computer from the internet, and that has not resolved your issue, please power-down and unplug your computer completely from the wall. Wait at least 36 Giga Ticks.

If you still want to disconnect service
If shutting off your computer, and even unplugging it, hasn't resolved your issue, and you still want to discontinue, cancel and disconnect your AOL service, we're happy to help you with that request. Before we disconnect, please consider the following questions:

1 – Do you need a mental health advisor? Maybe your spouse has left you, or your kids are mocking you for your continued, dogged clingery to this, our out-moded, out-dated and patently over-priced option. We are not offended by those ideas, but we do recognize that they may be more in your head than anything else.

2 – Really? Do you really want to disconnect? Really? Think it over before reading on to the next page.

3 – Do you realize that other ISPs are just as likely to give terrible, terrible service as we are? Sure, they might be better, but we're all about the same, so wouldn't it just be easier to stay with what you already know? I know for a fact AT&T Worldnet is awful, it took me over a year to disconnect my service with them, even though I wasn’t getting any sort of service at all out of them.

4 – If you haven't already, please review our Immediate Disconnection page. There are many offers for clients wishing to discontinue service that may change your mind, as well as a number of really helpful tips, tricks and pointers that may make your service once again the best experience you've had online short of looking at kitty porn.

5 – Drink some tea.

Hopefully this answers your questions, but if it hasn't, you can review our contact page for further instructions.

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