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Killer Pills by AOLNeed Pills?

AOL members enjoy a wide variety of pharmaceutical advantages, such as refilling prescriptions via the internet, online medication consultation, lists of nearby pharmacies and electronic tracking of medications.

What AOL doesn't offer is illegal Pharmacy websites, such as those in:

  • Canada - that offer blood pressure medications and low-grade opiates at deep discounts.
  • Mexico - that offer Prozac and Viagra to just any clown clicking through.
  • South America - that offer Ambien, Lorzapam, Clonapam and a feast of banquet of sleeping pills, pain killers and muscle relaxants like they're coming out of a God damned gumball machine, and all with complete anonymity.

  • Instead, what AOL offers is safe, legal, and conspicuously simple to hack in to, so you can still get whatever your heart and soul desire even without the impossible luxury of a doctor's prescription.

    Most teenagers in your area can hack in to other members' accounts and provide access to medicines and narcotics you normally can only dream of. Having stress problems? Mrs. Matheson down the street has three refills left on her Xanax prescription…..whoops! Now it's two! Chronic headaches leaving you worn out and pretty much a total bitch/bastard? Old Man Henderson two blocks over probably won't notice his Demerol refill missing for weeks! Erectile dysfunction woes? Well, looks like Bill McGuire hasn't had a natural stiffy in two years! Sorry Mrs. McGuire…ol' Bill won't be filling your prescription tonight! Maybe you should pay a visit to your AOL neighbor and see exactly how happy our members are!

    * Please note that AOL does not promote sex in any fashion, and all sex-related items such as condoms, birth control devices, personal lubricants, spermicidal jelly, anal gels, French ticklers, cock rings, and dildos of any number of heads are not available through AOL nor its needlessly complicated network of affiliates and partners.

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