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AOL's Unconditional 100% Refund Guarantee™

If you have complaints, small, serious, large or egregious, with the service you feel you have been provided by America Online (AOL), then you have every right to request a no-questions-asked, no-hassle refund in full for the amount you paid.

Even if you don't have a reason, you are still free to ask for a refund, and you have every right to do so.

But although you have the right to ask, you may not have the right to receive that very same refund.

Regardless, we will immediately process any request for refund we receive, and we will almost surely grant the refund, even going back several years of verified payments, provided we can verify billing details.

Unfortunately, AOL has suffered tremendously in financial terms from the economic downturn, having nothing to do with our patent, sweeping, all-encompassing incompetence, ineptitude and general aura of evil, so we have had to lay off a large percentage of our work force.

We have retained more than 90% of our refund process specialists, so unless you live in Guam, the US Virgin Islands, or within 50-miles of , email this page to a friend

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