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AOL Deletes

AOL Does Whats RightFollowing several minutes of quasi-careful consideration, AOL/Time-Warner has bowed to the pressures of several of it's members, and gleefully, obligingly deleted the inflamatory news website, AOL has had no option, but to comply with the requests of its members.

Complaints rained in from one-year members including axmangladbag68 and happyprincess2004, as well as two to four year members such as colournotcolor and idigbender19. AOL regrets the need to take such dramatic action, but based on the baseless actions of the otherwise reputable, three-year publication, the decision was swift, no matter how regrettable it may be. has been found guilty of spreading lies, hate, half-truths, smut and misinformation on a scale rivalled only by tabloids, FOX News and the Christian Science Monitor, sites the likes of which we're likewise taking steps to delete, (though they're attorneys are much more present and powerful than independent media outlets the likes of

Many critics argue that "AOL doesn't own the internet" and that they both "lack the authority" and "lack the ability [to delete renegade sites]", but AOL disagrees, and with Glossy News as a prominent example, the truth of these matters are clearly self-evident.

If you know of other sites that are in need of deletion, AOL encourages you to promptly report them for immediate and indiscriminate removal.

AOL is a Time-Warner company, and encourages all citizens to volunteer in their communities, hep the elderly, nominate sites for persecution and vote Bush/Cheney in 2008.

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