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Free AOL SpyWare

Spyware is the clever, creeping scourge of the modern web world, and much like an outbreak of crabs on an aircraft carrier, it's uncomfortable and embarrassing, yet completely unavoidable.

Spyware@AOL offers an alternative, and we offer it all at no cost to you, the comsumer.

What is SpyWare?
Spyware is different from spam in that it's usually a program installed on you computer, usually on accident, that tracks your every move and reports it back to an agency on the internet so that they may tailor ads to meet your every need. It may sound like a friend who knows you well and gives you what you want, but it's really a tool of usury internet abusers designed to drain your computers speed and inundate you with tons and tons of unwanted ads.

Thanks to AOL, the days of accidentally installed computer SpyWare are a thing of the past. Now, thanks to the benevolence of big business, AOL offers a complimentary SpyWare utility, AOL SpyScourge 1.0, that can rid your computer of any third party SpyWare programs, effectively replacing them with our own, the one of your choosing.

Since SpyWare is patently unavoidble, you might as well have it from someone you blindly trust, such as AOL. Our program is so veracious as to immediately detect and delete any others, and we offer it to you at no charge, whether you're an AOL subscriber or not.

Not only is SpyScourge your number one tool in keeping AOL costs low, it automatically updates to our server, even circumventing the most sophisticated firewall software. This allows us to block unwanted SpyWare programs from your computer, as well as cater our own version to your every last click of internet browsing delight, thus meeting a careful ratio of A) your needs, and B) our requisite for profit at the cost of your ignorance.

Click here to download AOL SpyScourge 1.0. Our investors and advertisers will thank you and you'll barely regret it.

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