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AOL is committed to the highest possible levels of customer service* to all it's members and non-member browsers alike. If you have questions or concerns that have not been addressed or resolved through other methods, we strongly encourage you to use this page to directly email an AOL representative who can better help you.

Before requesting direct help, please first read our help, faq, tutorials and live chat pages.

If those still haven't helped you, you need only read this page and follow a short series of links. After which time you'll be directed to a page with an email address by which you can directly contact a real, live, human being in person at AOL. It is our hope that all questions and concerns can promptly be resolved by one of these many, versatile manners.

Do you need to speak with a representative regarding:

  • Email Trouble?
  • AOL Instant Messenger Trouble?
  • Chat trouble?
  • Ready to throw computer out window?
  • Receiveing only spam and junk mail?

  • * By "highest possible levels of service", we do not imply that the level of service will be neither high, nor competitive, but rather that it will be of a reasonable level based on the amount of money we are willing to dedicate to it. This should not be taken to imply that we will help you, that your problems will be resolved, or that any degree of action you take to resolve your concerns, no matter how intense or time consuming, will bear any result greater than previously achieved by banging your fists on the keyboard and swearing like a sailor.

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