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White Slavery @ AOL

While white slave trade may be illegal in some countries, but consult your trusted neighborly green grocer (or one of them attorney types,) to latch on to some deniable culpability, plausible exonerability, some whatever something, who cares. Just nod, smile and dive in.

Ever had a pile of nasty dishes you just wanted to have done, or maybe a glut of stanky laundry with nobody to wash them but yourself? Sure, your old lady wouldn't touch it with a ten-foot pole of self-respecting human rights, right? Consider it no more and kick that would-be, wannabe hooker to the curb; buy yourself a white slave instead, AOL can help.

Since establishing AOL in former East-bloc countries as the number one foreign owned business, we've been working hard to bring Coca-Cola and Levi's to our new neighbors, as well as their women to you. This is just one more step in the evolution. Experience eBloc or eBloc Premium, each at prices so reasonable you'll never look at your dry cleaner the same way again.

White slavery isn't just for the rich and sexually deviant anymore. Don't get the industry wrong, cash-fattened poon-gobblero-freaks still fuel the white slave economy, but there's plenty of second string cheese leftover on this particular "bring out the gimp" table.

Think of how much you could save by pressing your own whites, cooking your own meals, cleaning your own house, shredding you own documents, firing your old cheaffeur and spanking you very own monkey. Do the math, but when you carry the ten, carry it to AOL white slave trade.

Doing all your own cleaning can save you an easy four-hundred a month, but the sexual gratification is easily worth another two grand, even if partaken of risky vagina like that underage black hooker Hugh Grant got nabbed with. Web shoppers are savvy and you don't need that business, right? I'll sure tell you I don't. AOL senior management is John-crime free since 1996, and there's a solid reason why, and it ain't just wife swapping. We swap white slave brides.

In past decades, the human slave trade was limited to asians, Africans, and South Americans, but since the fall of the USSR, the fallen mallet has opened up everything and white folk are once again available, and thanks to AOL, priced accordingly.

No longer are hot Albanian and Ukrainian girls the whores D'evoures of CEO millionaires who can sneak in-country on falsified journalist visas. These gorgeous, English-muted, cooking, cleaning, fellating, impoverished, bad-teethed, porn-ready teenagers can be had for pennies on the dollar and dollars on the ass-cheek. You do want dollars on the ass-cheek, don't you?

And it's not just women anymore. We also feature a number of rugged, handsome, white men who are looking for a rich, western daddy to satisfy their inherent ball-hunger or modest gay-for-payitude. So who are you not to help?

Whether you seek a nanny for your kids or a semi-skilled cock-polisher for the attention-starved rooster in your cock-a-doodle-doo hut, you're closer to filling your needs than you may think. Paruse our online catalog, choke your chicken and head down to the airport. She's almost surely already waiting for you, and we don't mean no head-shaven Krishna bitch, though them's some fine parcels of freakiness for sure, and so says us folks here at AOL. We've got hundreds of them on staff, seriously. Hot enough and plenty freaky with that hot-assed chanting stuff they do.

Click here to pick your very own hair color, eye color, areola color and texture, labia color and sniff-scratch flavor, pre-disposed political affiliation, and of course, by far the most important factor to any good republican; skin color. Prices start as low as $5,000 with delivery, gender guaranteed. Wigs and color contacts may cost extra, but we can work on the details after payment has been completed and delivery has been executed.

Seriously stop your dirty dating. You know you wont to settle down, so stop buying beer for two-bit drug addicted American hookers and pick out an equally random stranger with less liklihood of drug addiction and comparable intentions, whom to settle down.

It ain't whoring, it's WhiteSlave@AOL!

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