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I never tried internet dating before, but I found a match instantly and even though he's older than me, we've still been dating off and on for months. -- Ashley G, receptionist from Toledo, Ohio

I never realized how easy it was to meet so many singles no matter where I travel! -- Byron D, CEO from ,

It was so easy I thought it was a scam. Boy, was I wrong? No, seriously, I'm asking. -- Merriam R, hair stylist from Bend, Oregon

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Tillder cost?
Nothing! That's the beauty. You just enter your tl;dr in the form and you get a free match once every day!

Is my information safe?
It's so safe we literally don't store it. Not even for a fraction of a second.

Can I date if I'm already married?
You should probably ask your wife that, but we have no way of knowing, so it's (as likely as not) all good in the hood.

How does Tillder make money?
Much like Twitter and the first decades of Facebook and Amazon, we don't. We lose tremendous money, but we do it in amazing volume.

Why do I keep getting the same match suggestion?
If you keep seeing the same match suggestion, it's likely because this person is perfectly matched for you based on your information. You should probably go out with him.

How do I cancel my membership?
That's the beauty, you don't! You may submit a quick tl;dr on a whim, but even ten years from now, married with kids, you may still find a match on our site.

Seriously, what is going on?
Nothing. It's not important. Seriously, it's nothing.

Is this some kind of joke?
Some kind, yes, but it's still pretty awesome even at that.

Can I call the police about this?
You can, but I suggest you wait until I leave and establish a solid alibi first.

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