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Get jiggy, webmaster?

Within two months of launch, we were pulling over 500 unique visits a day, by the end of month four we were over 1100 a day and climbing steadily. The average reader reads 2.8 pages. 78% is in the US, the rest is scattered over 108 countries. Email me for the current stats, if you like.

How did we do it?

You want real traffic for free?

I have suggestions that range from fantastic to muy loco, though highly effective.

The first is a Traffic Multiplier. Glossy News joined this service and immediately increased our visitor traffic by over 50% without paying a cent. They are honest and their staff is awesome.

You have to read this next page... Getting one person to your site can earn you two to three more. I read about it on a guy's homepage at geocities. The potential is unbelievable. I've tested what works and I've added and subtracted accordingly.

The last one is a little crazy and a good last resort. You may get thousands of hits to your site for absolutely free. Free as in no money. As in, it doesn't cost anything to take part in it. I warn you it's kooky, but click here just the same and you'll see what I'm getting at. Can you handle it?