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Twelve-Question Bible Quiz

The Holy Bible isn't just the best selling book of all time, it's the manual of Christian faith the world over. This quiz will push skeptics, scholars, gnostics and agnostics alike to see how much they really know about the Good Book.

Let's get started!

1. Who is described in the Bible as the "bright and morning star"?
2. Of the following, who was not named as an Apostle?
Lebbaeus (surname Thaddeus)
Judas (brother of James)
Simon (the Canaanite)
3. How much of God's wisdom did Jesus share with His disciples?
Some things
4. How many generations must a bastard wait until his offspring can enter the congregation of the Lord?
Less than ten generations
At least ten generations
5. Which is FALSE about how long God's anger lasts?
God doesn't get angry
God's anger lasts for just a moment
God's anger lasts a long time
God's anger doesn't last forever
God's anger lasts forever
6. Who first came to the tomb of Jesus on Sunday morning?
One woman
Two women
Three women
More than three women
7. When the women approached the tomb, they were greeted. Where were the greeters waiting?
Sitting on the stone outside the tomb
Sitting inside the tomb
Standing inside the tomb
Inside Noah's ark
8. Upon the resurrection, to whom did the risen Christ first appeare?
Mary Magdalene alone
Cleopas and another disciple
Mary Magdalene and the other Mary
Cephas (Peter) alone
9. When Jesus was resurrected, to how many disciples did he?
10. How are we saved?
By our faith alone
By our works alone
By our faith and our works
By hitting CTRL-S
11. What ultimately happened to Judas Escariot?
Gave up his silver and hanged himself
He sold his silver and bought real estate
He moved to Madea where he died alone
12. What were Jesus' last words on the cross?
"My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?"
"Father, unto thy hands I commend my spirit."
"It is finished."
No words, simply cried with a loud voice

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1-3 = Not so good. Might want to learn more about the Bible.
4-5 = Could be better. Keep studying!
6-8 = Average.
9-10 = You truly know the Bible!

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