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College Graduate Unprepared For Unemployment, Layoffs, Stress & Corporate Politics
By David M. Kruk
Jul 25, 2009, 07:00
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Yes, we get it, you're "blackish" like the president. Let us know how that whole "job search" thing works out for you, bro.
Any town, NH- A Glossy News study of spring's crop of college graduates has found that years class of graduates are ill prepared for unemployment, job layoffs, work related stress, and corporate politics.

Britney Collins (Pictured) who recently earned a degree in finance from a prestigious east coast college, fears that she is not fully prepared for what awaits her in the workplace. Britney told Glossy News that while she is as bright and well educated as the next person, she fears that "Graduates from the class of 2006 are totally not prepared for the rude awakening the awaits them"

Britney has already heard many stories from her friends that graduated last year, that even with their degrees, many are waiting tables in New York. A few others that had great jobs right out of college, have already been laid off in waves of acquisitions or for failing to play politics with their corporate managers.

Would a class or two from her Ivy League college in preparation for life after college help? Britney thinks so, but is quick to point out that it is hard to prepare for unemployment, work related stress and bosses that are ass holes. Fortunately for most of the newest graduates, many can still ride prolonged waves of unemployment while living at home.

Britney also has been encouraging her younger college classmates to apply for summer internships where they can work for nearly nothing and also gain experience in the workplace at the same time.

David Kruk appears courtesy of Red Tractor USA.

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